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Comprehensive tree service in Boulder, CO

Comprehensive tree service in Boulder, CO

Winter is approaching, and your to-do list is growing: do the holiday shopping, put up the decorations for the holidays and stock up on firewood to keep the fireplace running. We can help you check two things off of that list. Our professionals at Roots & Shoots Tree Care can put up your holiday decorations and lights up so you don’t have to. Additionally, we can deliver firewood so you don’t have to worry about stocking up during the winter months. We’ll also grind your tree stumps so they’re no longer nuisances in your yard!

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3 reasons to let Roots & Shoots handle your outdoor holiday decorating

  • You won’t have to brave the elements to have your home well-decorated for the holiday season
  • We know the strengths and weakness of trees and the best places to hang the décor
  • You won’t have to risk your safety to install your seasonal decorations

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