A tree is an asset until it's a Liability

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Roots and shoots tree care are the go-to guys for technical and hazardous tree removal situations. Our trained professionals are skilled and equipt to handle tree removals due to decay, crowding or causing harm to other trees or is causing an obstruction that cannot be corrected through pruning. A tree collapsing can be a huge headache not to mention a safety hazard or even insurance liability. Don't wait until it too late to start the process of removing a bothersome tree today.

3 ways to tell if you have a dying tree

Trunk Damage

When a tree ages, old bark will fall off on its own and eventually be replaced by a new layer of bark if the tree is healthy. If new bark doesn’t reappear and areas of smooth wood remain, this can be an indicator your tree’s health is on the decline.

Bare Branches

One warning sign is if the branches are bare during a time of the year when they should be covered in leaves. Also keep in mind that on dead branches of deciduous trees, dead leaves will cling well into the winter instead of dropping to the ground as they would on a healthy deciduous tree.


Large fungus — shelf or bracket fungus (aka wood conchs) — on the trunk or branch of a tree can indicate that your tree is experiencing internal rot and anything beyond the fungus may be dead or dying.