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Trees are naturally beautiful, but they don’t always grow the way we want them to. A maple that was once perfectly in place starts growing a little too close to the house. There’s one limb on your oak that bends all the way to the sidewalk, and the growth of your aspen is just getting out of hand. Roots & Shoots Tree Care has solutions to your tree maintenances needs.

Aesthetics aside, our professionals can prune your tree to keep it strong and healthy. Proper pruning can allow the tree to get better sunlight and airflow to prevent tree disease and insect problems. Tree trimming and pruning can also help prevent large branches from breaking in Colorado storms.

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Trimming usually refers to cutting in order to achieve a certain shape or size. The term 'trimming' is often used when trimming shrubs or bushes.

Pruning is much more selective than trimming. When pruning, we study your tree to determine the best cuts to make to keep your tree healthy and strong. Proper pruning can shape your tree and keep your tree healthy and strong.


Here in Colorado we are fortunate to be able to grow a variety of fruit trees. Many popular choices include: Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Nectarine, Pear, Peach and Plum trees. The front range can be a tough climate for fruit trees with the occasional early or late frost. However, when you bite into a fresh peach from your own tree you know that the quality cannot be beat. We can’t control late frost by mother nature but one thing you can do to help your success with fruit trees is have them pruned by our professionals.

Fruit tree trimming

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Pruning your fruit tree provides many benefits:

  • Trimming away diseased branches can improve fruit quality.
  • Pruning can allow sunlight to penetrate deep into the tree.
  • Better air circulation throughout the tree helps reduce disease.
  • Strong, pruned branches can handle the weight of a bumper crop. Strong branches also help with the weight of a heavy snow.


Whether you want your trees trimmed for aesthetic or safety purposes, our professionals at Roots & Shoots Tree Care can handle your trees from the branches down to the trunk. Our tree maintenance services can serve any purpose, including:

  • Clearing for structures, public ways and cables
  • Reducing shade and wind resistance
  • Improving structure and health of tree
  • Removing dead wood from tree
  • Repairing broken limbs
  • Pruning for disease

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